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The excursion starts from the picturesque old port of Santorini. This port is only accessible by cable car
which is the most common way as it takes only 3 minutes to go down, 587 steps on foot or for those
who love the adventure, the local donkeys is the ideal choice to reach it.
Important note : You should pay 6€ more per way either for the cable car ticket or to ride one of the

Gialos, the Old Port, lies below Fira, nestled at the foot of a rocky cliff. You will be surprised with the
steep slopes of the Caldera and in the end the tiny port will appear under these huge rocks and the
cave houses that seem to dangle on the cliff. There the guides of your excursion will be waiting for you,
to give you all the important information and to orientate you on the boat. For more information or
clarifications, don’t hesitate to visit our travel agency which is located down at the port. 








Our first destination will be the famous volcano of Santorini! After 20 minutes sailing, we will reach Nea
Kameni’s jetty. Should you are interested to be guided at the volcano, you should pay 2.5euro/ per
person as an entrance fee. Then, you will walk to the volcano’s ridge with your guide and he is going to
explain you everything about the history and the geology of the volcano. You will stay at the volcanic
island for 1.5hr and in the end you will embark again to our boat for the next stop.









After departing from your last destination, the tour will be finished at the old port of Fira. After your disembarkation,
you should choose one of the available ways to go back to Fira town. Please note that you will have to pay again the
additional cost for your transport back to Fira town.





Volcano - Hot Springs Tour

Live the experience of an excursion with Caldera Boats

Volcano - Hot Springs Tour



Two Departures from Old Port

  • Departure at 11:00 Arrival at 14:00
  • Departure at 14:00 Arrival at 17:00

Cost: 20€ /per person

  • Children of the age group 5 to 12 years old will be charged half ticket
  • Transfer and cable car* are not incuded

Additional Costs

  • Volcano entrance fee: 2.5€ /per person
  • Cable Car fee: 6€ /per person

Guide's Language

  • Greek
  • English