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In case that you would like to simplify the procedure of your transportation so as not to be anxious, Caldera’s
Boats can also offer you bus transfer to the new port of the island as well as to take you back to the starting
point. Αvoid the public transportation and of course the crowded choices of transportation at the old port. Our
representative is able to choose the closest spot for you and then we will inform you about your pick up location
and time. The excursion starts from main port of Santorini Athinios. Your bus will drive you down to the port
and one of our guides will drive you into our boats.








Our first destination will be the famous volcano of Santorini! After 20 minutes sailing, we will reach Nea
Kameni’s jetty. Should you are interested to be guided at the volcano, you should pay 2.5euro/ per
person as an entrance fee. Then, you will walk to the volcano’s ridge with your guide and he is going to
explain you everything about the history and the geology of the volcano. You will stay at the volcanic
island for 1.5hr and in the end you will embark again to our boat for the next stop.









Our next stop will be the island of Palea Kameni where the famous hot springs are located on the west side. A place that
is really popular for its thermal waters. We will stop there for 30min at a distance of 30 meters from the shallow waters
of Agios Nicholaos’ beach. The waters are mixed with mud that they are full of sulfur, iron and other metals coming from
the volcano and they are very good for the skin, rheumatism, arthritis and other physical pains.
Important Note : In order to reach Agios Nicholaos’ beach is essential to swim extremely well.









After departing from your last destination, the tour will be finished at the old port of Fira. After your disembarkation, 
you should choose one of the available ways to go back to Fira town. Please note that you will have to pay again the 
additional cost for your transport back to Fira town









If you choose the sunset in Oia option, the disembarkation will be in the magical port of Oia. From there, you should 
either climb the 200 landings of the port or by using the local donkeys and pay the fee. After reaching the top of 
the village, you will have the chance to explore the unique alleys, discover its rich market, as well as to enjoy the 
most breathtaking sunset of your life! After the sunset, you should head for the spot that our buses will be waiting 
you to take you back to yous places.






4) Full Volcano, Hot Springs, Thirassia, Sunset in Oia, Guided Tour with Bus Transfer

  • Our bus will pick you up from your village's meeting point going to Athinios port, the new port of the island.
  • First stop is the volcano of Santorini where you have 1.30 to climb at the top with your guide. The entrance fee is 2.5 euro per person.
  • Second stop is the Old Burnt where the Hot Springs are. There you have the opportunity to feel the warm water that is created by the volcano's power. You will stay there for 30 minutes.
  • Next stop is the island of Thirasia. You have 2 hours and you can taste Santorini's specialities, you can swim or visit the top on foot or by the donkeys.
  • Next and last stop is Oia where you will disembark. At the picturesque port of Oia you can enjoy the view, take great photos and reach the village of Oia by foot using the big broad steps or by donkey which is the traditional way and the trademark of Santorini! Walk around and explore the beautiful village of Oia which is famous for its sunset and its narrow streets. After the sunset, the buses will be waiting for you and you will be dropped off at the starting meeting point!

Guide's Languages: Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

Tour 4 Timetable and Cost

One Departure from Athinios Port: 11:00
Return to Oia Port: After Sunset
Pick up Bus Service available: from Fira - Imerovigli - Firostefani - Kamari - Perissa to Athinios Port
Cost: 42 Euro per person

Additional Volcano entrance fee: 2.5€ per person

  • Children of the age group 5 to 12 years old will be charged half ticket